• What Can Winning Do For You?

    Winning business awards has many benefits: it reinforces corporate direction; recognizes the talent and hard work of your entire departments and leading employees; makes it easier to attract new talent to the company; gains a sales advantage; and provides additional public relations opportunities and value.

    Additionally, Business Excellence Award winners receive the following benefits:

    1. Membership: All winners will receive free membership to the Summit Chamber for one year.
    2. Recognition: The Awards Ceremony highlights all nominees, finalists and winners to the Summit County business community at large through print media, PR, inclusion on the website and recognition at the event.  
    3. Social Media and Advertising Badges: Winners will receive a 2019 Business Excellence Award logo with usage rights across all media outlets including the company website and printed materials.  This can be invaluable for positioning your company as an industry leader to new recruits and potential customers.
    4. Press: All finalists are featured in a Summit Daily advertisement for the event and winners are featured in a locally distributed press release.  Winners will be prominently shown in all recap video presentations and photo compilations of the event. Additionally, winners will be featured in any follow up media interviews regarding the event. 
    5. Website placement: All winners are featured on the Summit Chamber Website under the Business Excellence Awards section with a link to the business website.
    6. Plaque or Trophy: Winners receive complimentary customized award trophies. Finalists are given commemorative awards.
    7. Discounts and special offers from member organizations:   The Summit Chamber of Commerce works with member organizations and sponsors to offer prize packages that include products and/or services that will support the winner’s continued business growth.  Specific packages and opportunities change from year to year, so stay tuned to more information on what 2020 will hold!
  • Sauce Family Restaurants - Medium Business of the Year Winner

  • Sauce-Family-Restaurants---Winner-Medium-Business-of-the-Year-w1680.jpg
  • Always Mountain Time - Finalists in Multiple Categories and Miranda Fisher - Ben Fogle Award Winner

  • Always-Mountain-Time-and-Miranda-Fisher-.jpg
  • Sunshine-Cafe---Winner-Customer-Service-Champion-w1953.jpg
  • Sunshine Cafe - Customer Service Champion Winner

  • Thank you to Micah Emily, Photographer