• Thanks to a recent order from the Division of Insurance, there are some options for businesses who can’t pay their premiums. 

    Additionally, through Friday, individuals have a brief opportunity to enroll for health insurance if they lost their job or didn’t have it before, and it’s likely they’ll qualify for subsidies to greatly reduce their premiums.

    Rocky Mountain Health Plans (Group plans/small business plans)

    • There is a grace period for premium payment for businesses.
    • Employees who previously waived coverage through their employer may now sign up, for themselves and dependents.  
    • Employer groups are not at risk of losing coverage if they do not meet participation requirements. Rocky will maintain group coverage regardless of participation.
    • If an employer can no longer maintain current contributions to health coverage, Rocky has made an exception to the anniversary rule and employers may change their contribution mid-year
    • Rocky will allow employees currently eligible for health coverage to remain covered through a temporary furlough.
    • Any change needs to be submitted in writing either by a representative from the group, or from the group’s broker. Submit communication to Group_management_team@rmhp.org
    For more information on Rocky’s changes for small biz/group plans: https://www.rmhp.org/i-am-a-broker/novel-coronavirus-resources-for-brokers

    Individual Plan Signup

    • State opened up the enrollment temporarily for anyone wishing to sign up for health insurance plans on the individual market
    • We recommend people either contact FIRC to get help choosing a plan, 
    • or if they’re comfortable going to connect for health (the Colorado insurance marketplace), they can visit at connectforhealthco.com
    • This only goes through April 3rd. We have not yet heard if the state will extend this. We do know that the federal government has declined to open enrollment but states have a little leeway to allow this.

    Bright health members

    • Bright health has not yet made changes to premium due dates, as the state directive only affects group plans. We’ll keep you updated as we’re hoping they’ll change things like allowing credit cards for payments (instead of debit).