• Business Excellence Awards

    2018 Nomination Form:
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    3. Nomination Categories
    Please fill out questions for ALL categories in which the company has excelled in 2018. This will give them the maximum opportunity for success.
    Marketing Strategy Champion
    Open to any business which has developed marketing and advertising strategies which have 1) increased their market awareness, 2) differentiated themselves from their competitors and 3) delivered a measurable increase in their business. Marketing campaigns conducted between January 1 and December 31, 2018 in all industries are eligible, regardless of the budget or team size.
    Environmental Champion
    Open to any business that invests in sustainability throughout its business operations through partnership-based projects, volunteerism, conservation, leadership, green construction, community outreach or other innovative efforts. Demonstrated social or environmental responsibility programs and contributions required.
    Customer Service Champion
    Open to any business dedicated to outstanding customer service and satisfaction in all aspects of sales and service. Demonstrated customer satisfaction and customer support success rates (e.g. efficient response times and satisfactory resolution of customer concerns) required.
    Best Place to Work
    Open to any business that fosters a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Demonstrated employee satisfaction and employee well-being programs (e.g. flexible work arrangements, mentoring, financial and lifestyle perks) required.
    Best Start Up
    Open to any business that began operations in this calendar (2018). The company should prove some level of success by having active customers but doesn’t have to be profitable.
    Workplace Wellness Champion
    Open to any business that creates a culture of employee wellness and provides innovative programs for employee health safety and wellness.
    The Ben Fogle Award
    Open to any individual that demonstrates ardent support of the Summit Chamber of Commerce and its mission.
    Business of the Year Award Small, Medium and Large categories
    For the Business of the Year category, the judges look at overall company achievements and excellence (and include other criteria such as growth, innovations or employee culture). Thus, in the submission, it is helpful to mention the entirety of the company’s success, i.e. demonstrated company growth, product innovations, supportive employee culture, focus on customer service, and overall company excellence.
    1. Please indicate which category your business falls within below
    Business size is determined by the number of full-time employees (FTE) in Summit County. (Please note that part-time employees equal ½ of a full-time employee, rounded down to the nearest whole number. Therefore, if you had 4 FTE and 5 part-time employees, working in Summit County, your company would have 6 FTEs for this purpose.)
    The system will flash a confirmation of this nomination upon successful upload. If you do not see this notice, and do not receive an email from The Summit Chamber staff within 24 hours letting you know we received your nomination, please contact: cheri@summitchamber.org