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To ensure that our Board and Staff have the appropriate accountability and resources to execute the Strategic Plan it is essential that we have member participation on our annual and perpetual committees and task forces.  Outlines of the duties of those groups are listed below.

List of Committees

Budget Committee

Chair: Mark McManis


Members: Al Bacher, Doug Berg

• Review Monthly Financials and report to board and action items

• Review and reward scholarship funds

• Guide and direct investment objectives

• Formulate and validate the annual budget


Legislative Affairs Committee

Chair: Mike Spry


Members: Del Bush, Paul Clukies, Lori Gleason, Catherine Schaaf, Jeremy Kennell, Sheri Paul, Tony Pestello

• Advocate on business related issues at the local level

• Work with staff to develop a local policy agenda focused on a pro business/pro employee environment.

• Communicate timely education for chamber members

Membership Committee



• Reach out to new businesses on behalf of the Chamber and educate them regarding membership benefits.

Members: Sheri Paul, Lori Gleason, Kelly Hepburn, Tamera Duran, Raequel Rhodes, Peyton Rogers, Laura Lyman, Kristylee Gogolen, Doug Berg


Scholarship Committee



• Coordinate, select, distribute and follow up with scholarship awards for Summit High School Students.

Members:  Elisabeth Lawrence, Allen Bacher, Catherine Schaaf


COO Breakfast

Chair: Mark Nunn


• Guide and direct execution of the annual COO Breakfast

Members: Elisabeth Lawrence, Doug Berg, Tim Applegate, Tony Pestello, Ian Donovan, Bruce Horii, Peyton Rogers, Lindsey Cotton