• How Does The New Chapter Concept Affect Me?

    Frequently Asked Questins regarding the Summit Chamber Chapter Concept

  • Q1.  What is the Summit Chamber Chapter concept?

     A1.  The Summit Chamber believes that our members would like to see more focus within their business towns and communities, while at the same time, the Summit Chamber focuses on County, State and national issues and opportunities.  Therefore we will create Summit Chamber Chapters, lead by Business Councils, in the larger towns and communities of Summit County.  While the Chapters and Business Councils work with their local Town Councils, Town staffs, and Economic Development Advisory Committees (EDACs), the Summit Chamber also hopes to work more closely with the Summit County Commissioners and Summit County staff.  The Summit Chamber has made overtures to other Chambers, Business Associations, etc., to join us as a Chapter, or we will simply organize our members within that town or community into a Chapter.

    Q2.  How many Chapters does the Summit Chamber plan to form?

    A2.  The Summit Chamber believes that up to six Chapters will be viable in Summit County.  And as you might expect, each town or community will be slightly different.  In Silverthorne, the EDAC, Town Council and staff support the idea of a new Silverthorne Chapter and Business Council as there is no existing business organization in place.  In Frisco, the existing Chamber will be organized as a Business Council and Chapter, and continue their great work with the Frisco businesses, Town Council and staff.  In Copper Mountain, the Copper Resort Chamber and all their member businesses, are the Copper Chapter, and we hope to do something similar with Keystone.  In Breckenridge we will continue to work with the BRC, but will organize our 45-50 members into a Chapter focused primarily on business types that are not tourist or hospitality focused.  In Dillon we hope the DBA will consider joining us as a Chapter, or we will organize our 35-40 members into a Chapter.

    Q3.  How will the new Chapter-oriented organization be different from the Summit Chamber of the past?

    A3.  When our members renew or join the Summit Chamber in the future, they will automatically be members of all the Chapters and the Summit Chamber.  As the Chapters plan and organize “local” mixers and other events in their towns or communities, the membership/invited audience will be members from across the County.  In this way we hope all mixers, education seminars, ribbon cuttings, and fundraisers will be even better attended than they have been in the past.  Since each Chapter will be planning and organizing 2-3 mixers, 2-3 education seminars, 1-2 fund raisers, etc., each year, we hope the quality improves, and we will be involved in communities all over the County, in a more balanced way.

    Q4.  How will the Chapter concept improve the Summit Chamber?

    A4.  We believe there are four key areas that will be improved.

    1. Communications through interlocked Community/Town Business Councils and our SCoC Board of Directors;
    2. More Diplomats and other volunteers to support locally planned events, with County-wide execution and attendance;
    3. More consistent visibility with all Town Councils, Town staffs, EDACs, the County Commissioners and County staff; and
    4. More resources to help improve our relationship with the County Commissioners and staff, and to improve “marketing Summit County,” to improve business for our members.

    Q5.  How will communications be improved with interlocked Business Councils and the SCoC Board of Directors?

    A5.  Each Business Council/Chapter will have two members that serve as local Business Council members, and as members of the SCoC Board of Directors.  These members will communicate local Chapter initiatives and opportunities to the SCoC Board, and will keep their Business Council advised of County-wide initiatives and opportunities planned by the SCoC and other Chapters.

    Q6.  How will the new Chapter-oriented SCoC gain Diplomats and other volunteers?

    A6.  Each Chapter/Business Council will have at least two Diplomats, and hopefully more, as members, and these Diplomats will also be SCoC Diplomats.  In fact, we hope that most Business Councils will have from five to 16 members, with an average of ten.  In this way we hope to more than double our Diplomat community and other volunteers.

    Q7.  How will the SCoC gain more consistent visibility with all Town Councils, Town staffs, EDACs, the County Commissioners, and County staff?

    A7.  Each Business Council/Chapter will focus on their local Town Council, Town staff, and EDAC, if it exists.  This will allow the SCoC Board and Summit County Advocacy committee to focus on working with the County Commissioners and County staff.

    Q8.  How will the Chapter-oriented SCoC have more resources to focus on working with the Summit County Commissioners and staff, and “marketing Summit County?”

    A8.  The Chapters/Business Councils will each plan 2-3 mixers, 2-3 Education seminars, ribbon cuttings, 1-2 fund raisers, etc., and that will allow the SCoC and its Chapters to have a mixer and an Education seminar every month of the year, and they will move around the County.  If each Chapter does one fund raiser each year, the SCoC will go from one fund raiser each year, the COO Breakfast, to 4-6 fund raisers each year, all around the County.  With the Chapters doing many of the tasks that the SCoC had to focus on in the past, the SCoC, and its Board, hopes to have the resources to work more closely with the Summit County Commissioners and staff, and to do more to “market Summit County,” to the benefit of our members, and the County, as a whole.

    Q9.  How will the SCoC change its Board of Directors as it adopts the Chapter concept?

    A9.  In the past, the SCoC Board has had an authorized strength of 11-19 members, and we have typically operated with 15-16 active Directors. We have modified our by laws so that the authorized strength is number is 13 – 21.  In October we recruited the slate of new SCoC Directors with five of our proposed Chapters having two Directors on the slate, for a total of ten.  These ten joined the 10 – 11 incumbents and At Large nominees on the slate.  In addition, one of the ten Chapter appointees will be selected to join the SCoC Executive Committee with full voting rights with that standing committee.

    Q10.  How will the Chapters and Business Councils be structured? 

  • 556.png
  • A10. Each Chapter will have a Business Council that acts like a Board of Directors for most purposes. They will have a minimum of five, and a maximum of 16, on each Business Council, and it all depends on how many active Business Council members they can recruit, and how they wish to spread the volunteer work load. The core five positions would be a Chairman, a Secretary/Treasurer, a Marketing/Communications/Events Coordinator, and two Diplomats, that will also be active members of the SCoC Diplomats. Each Chapter will also have two Board seats on the SCoC Board. These two Board members could be part of the core five, or they could be one or two additional members of the Business Council. The Chairman would be responsible for scheduling/executing monthly meetings, membership drives, and insure monitoring of local Town Council initiatives and opportunities are tracked, and communicated. The Secretary/Treasurer would have normal agenda, minutes-taking/distributing duties, and assisting the SCoC Treasurer with reporting/budget items, and fundraising plans for the Chapter. The Marketing/ Communications/Events Coordinator would be responsible for web site monitoring/improvements, marketing plans for all events/mixers/seminars, communications with Chapter members, and insuring complete plans for all Chapter events are ready in advance. Each Chapter will be acting like a standalone Chamber of Commerce for their community, so they may wish to increase the number of Business Council members and Diplomats, to share the work load across more members.