• Frequently Asked Questions


    Who should submit in Summit Business Excellence Awards?

    Any company can submit in Summit Business Excellence Awards, regardless of its size, industry, funding or geographic location within the awards region – which is Summit County.

    My company’s headquarters is outside Summit County, but the majority of our business is conducted within the region. Are we eligible to apply?

    Yes. A company with multiple locations is eligible to enter Summit Business Excellence Awards as long as it has business operations in the region. This includes companies whose headquarters might be located outside the region, but which have offices in the region.

    My company won an award last year, can we resubmit in the same category?

    No. A company cannot receive the same award in two consecutive years. But we invite you to submit in other categories that might be appropriate.

    What are the benefits of winning Summit Business Excellence Awards?

    Winning business awards has many benefits: it reinforces corporate direction; recognizes the talent and hard work of your entire departments and leading employees; makes it easier to attract new talent to the company; gains a sales advantage; and provides additional public relations opportunities and value.

    Additionally, Summit Business Excellence Awards winners receive the following benefits:

    1. Press release: Winners are featured in a locally distributed press release.
    2. Website placement: All winners are featured on the winners’ pages on the Summit Chamber Website under Business Excellence Awards. For gold and silver winners, logos and links to their sites are also included.
    3. Plaque or Trophy: Gold winners receive complimentary customized award trophies. Silver and bronze winners have commemorative awards.
    4. News page: Winners’ news items – i.e. press releases, blog posts, award page entries, and articles – are featured on the winners’ news pages, including links back to the company sites.
    5. Quotes: Winners’ press release quotations, tweets or other public statements may also be featured throughout the Summit Business Excellence Awards website.
    How do I submit for Summit Business Excellence Awards?

    The submission process is simple. An entry in any category, consists of three parts: 1) a description of the nominee’s achievements in 2017; 2) hyperlinks to any news coverage, press releases or materials supporting the submission; and 3) a short biography and business background of the nominee.

    Entries can be submitted via the online entry process or by emailing us directly.

    Can I submit entries in multiple award categories?

    Yes. You may submit entries in as many award categories as you and your company see fit. Every category is judged different criteria and every category garners a different pool of entries, some attracting many more entries than others. The best way to increase your chances at winning is to enter multiple categories.

    It may not even be necessary to create an entirely new submission. We have found that the same entry may be perfectly applicable to multiple categories with minimal to no tweaks. Of course, feel free to completely refresh your submission as appropriate to tailor it for the additional categories and content you wish to highlight.

    How is Summit Business Excellence Awards different from other awards programs?

    Summit Business Excellence Awards is the only business award program judged solely by a panel of independent members of the community. It is not part of the “Best of the Summit” series sponsored by the Summit Daily.

    Are entry forms kept confidential?

    Yes. Summit Business Excellence Awards organizers distribute award entries only to the authorized judges selected to review entries. The entries and the underlying information about the nominees will not be released to anyone else without prior approval from the entrant. Furthermore, no entries, including the winning entries, will be posted in whole or in part on the Summit Business Excellence Awards site without prior approval by the entrant.

    My company is small. What if much bigger companies submit in my category?

    All entries are judged on their own merit, recognizing achievements and successes while taking into account the companies’ size, resources and competitive industry landscape. The judges don’t play favorites and honor the best work in the region, regardless of size and budget.

    When are the winners announced?

    Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony to be held February 28, 2018.

    Do I have to attend to be named a winner?

    Winners, nominees, and the general public are encouraged to attend.